1.Check out the list of graduate graduates latest round !!!
Provide students with a list of undergraduate degrees
Do this:

1. Submit graduate registration documents (For those who haven't done so yet)
>> Documents to be prepared :
- 1 copy of ID card
- 5 photos of 1 inch gown
- Graduate registration fee and membership application. Alumni club, amount 2,500 baht
Note : For those who have done this
You can contact to receive educational qualifications (Transcript) at the Registration and Processing Office, Floor 1, Chalermprakiat Building. Siam Technology College
ANNOUNCED BY   Registrar   ANNOUNCED DATE   17 December 2020
 2.Form of Registration (Click)
Can Dowload FORM of Registration Here.
ANNOUNCED BY   -   ANNOUNCED DATE   19 August 2020
 3.Announcement on the collection of late enrollment fines and late examination fines 2020 (Click)
Announcement of Siam Technology College, Subject: Fines, Late Registration and Late Exam Fines Undergraduate Level 2020
- Registration Students must register for the specified period of time each semester.
- Final exam Students are required to sit the exams within the specified period of time. If there is force majeure, unable to pass the exam as scheduled Must notify the instructor immediately
If not following the schedule There will be a penalty for the delayed operation. (Read the full announcement from the topic link)
ANNOUNCED BY   -   ANNOUNCED DATE   4 January 2020
 4.Study period for undergraduate students And graduate level
Course students A 4-year bachelor's degree has a duration of study not more than 8 years. Course students A 2-year master's degree has a duration of study not more than 5 years. --------
ANNOUNCED BY   -   ANNOUNCED DATE   15 October 2019
 5. story Receiving transcript (transcript)
In order to obtain documents, transcript (transcript) and certificate of qualifications It is all right On time Therefore, the college Therefore, it is scheduled to receive documents, transcripts and certificates of qualifications 30 days after the college council committee approves the degree (the graduate registration certificate has been submitted before presenting to the council). Efficiently examining details for accuracy
ANNOUNCED BY   Registrar   ANNOUNCED DATE   17 November 2017
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